God's Camp, Mountain High

A true inspirational story about the creation of a camp for survivors of traumatic brain injury, TBI

From a Dream to a Reality…

Witness how God brings two people together to transform Mountain High Camp from a dream into a reality. Discover what lies behind the couple that brought a group of survivors of traumatic brain injury to the cool mountains of Red River, New Mexico.

The story of Mountain High Camp reveals how God turns seemingly negative events into blessings. From mishaps to miracles, from cancer to camp, the story of Mountain High is sure to strengthen your faith in God.

Jump in to this true-life inspirational tale where endings are turned into beautiful new beginnings, where starting over is an exciting adventure. Witness the townsfolk of Red River, some fearful, others excited, display courage in stepping into the unknown. Their willingness to help along with Mike and Charlotte Wilson’s determination are a testament to the powerful force of God’s love.

Two Bonus Sections included: Mishaps to Miracles and Our Stories which includes submissions from campers, family members and volunteers.

Profits from the sales of this book are being donated to Mountain High Camp.

Soft Cover Paper Back = $19.95 

Ebook = $9.99

~ 80% goes to Mountain High Camp


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