Who We Are in Christ

12 unique stickers in set

Beautiful - 3"x2"
Beloved - 2"x2"
Born Again - 2.5"x2"
Child of God - 4"x2"
Clay in the Potter's Hand - 2.5"x2"
Free - 2"x2"
Light - 3"x2"
New Creature - 2"x2"
Overcomer - 4"x2"
Redeemed - 4"x2"
Special Treasure - 3"x2"
Whole - 3"x2"

All stickers are square or rectangle with white background if colors don't reach to edge.


Promises of God

Hebrews 10:23 written out

3" x 4" 


If you would like 12 of one design, or a combination, please contact me.


Christian Stickers / Labels

Our most popular Stickers


You Are Beloved

Red heart with white background

2" x 2" - square 

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